Republic County Hospital has been serving the communities of North Central Kansas and South Central Nebraska since 1960.  Over the years we have seen many changes in our healthcare community, however one thing has remained constant.

Our commitment to provide patients with personalized, quality healthcare in a compassionate and trusting environment has remained the same.  The patient centric view that we use to approach healthcare allows our employees to work closely with the medical staff in the common goal that healthcare delivery revolves around the patient, their outcomes and their experience.

We believe that our patients benefit when we work together as a team to provide quality care in the most effective and timely manner.  

When people are faced with an emergency, need answers, or are looking for a place to turn for their healthcare needs, we want to be their hospital of choice.  It is because of this that we will continue to seek opportunities to offer additional services so our patients can receive the best possible care, all close to home.   At Republic County Hospital we know that our patients are our families, neighbors and friends.

RN/LPN– Acute Nursing

Full Time​/Part-Time

​Experienced OB Nurse


Family Practice / OB Doctor

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