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Military Exits allows the employer to choose the ad duration and cost that best fits the employers budget . All positions are interchangeable at no additional cost. Discharging Military personnel are disciplined and well-trained people who deserve your consideration.

All company web sites can be accessed through your web address appearing in your ad. This gives the job seekers the full view of your company and all of your current job openings. Military Exits targets world-wide military separations with accurate job and résumé matches. We also distribute employer's job openings at job fairs and transition centers stateside and overseas.

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This option will include 6 months ad exposure and logo placement on job search page. Full view page is 750-800 pixels wide and up to 1500 pixels long.

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Become a Featured Advertiser! This option will include 12 months ad exposure under our Featured Advertiser on the home page and Job Search page. Full view page is 750-800 pixels wide and up to 1500 pixels long.

Ask your account manager about Home page prime real estate spots while space is still available!

Ask your account representative about special rates for law enforcement positions.

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We are agency commissionable at 15 percent when usable HTML and Web optimized graphics are provided.

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